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Leif Trenkler - Ich liebe deine langen Augen



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Leif Trenkler belongs to the figurative painters of the first hour. He has played a significant role in the development of this contemporary movement in Germany.

Leif Trenkler

Leif Trenker, a graduate of the Städelschule in Frankfurt, is considered an important initiator of the New Figuration movement in Germany. In his works, which oscillate between realism and surrealism, the artist, who lives and works in Cologne, examines the effect of light and shadow on architecture, landscapes, and figures. There is deliberately no clear differentiation between fiction and reality, which becomes evident in the expressive and intentionally overdriven use of color in his pictorial worlds. Thus, through a poetic sense of reverie, he disrupts the ordinary, architectural, or natural space and draws in an exciting, fantastical dimension, where the mere visual quality fascinates and at the same time represents his unique style. His paintings on birch wood are instantaneous moments, where figures are mostly depicted in the foreground. Thematically, his work focuses on childhood memories, street and nature views, and scenes of everyday life and parties.


Born in Wiesbaden

1984 - 1986

Städelschule Frankfurt/Main with Thomas Bayrle and Christa Näher

1986 - 1987

Kunstakademie Dusseldorf

1988 - 1990

Städelschule Frankfurt/Main

1990 - 1991

Scholarship „Academic Foundation of the German Society”, Italy

lives and works in Cologne

Collections of the Federal Republic of Germany
Collection Deutschen Bank
Collection of the city of Frankfurt
Collection Münchner Versicherung
Collection Schlossmuseum Murnau
Collection Stadtsparkasse Cologne
Collection AXA Versicherung
SØR Rusche Collection
Collection of the fair, Frankfurt am Main
Collection Caja General De Adhorras de Canaris, Spanien
Collection Westhoff, Bremen
Collection Schmölzer, Salzburg
aZure Collection Monaco Zürich


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