Olivier Aubry


Oil on canvas

146 x 114 cm


€ 4.600,00

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PARIS DOW JONES is a work by Aubry that reveals his extremely typical working method: A yellow line set as a drawing on the gray painted canvas, circling around a center.

Olivier Aubry

The art of the artist Olivier Aubry, who lives and works in Lille, oscillates between the boundaries of painting and drawing. Drawing was always a medium that provided him with a starting point. He describes it as his "daily exercise", which underlines the spontaneous character of his works. Each picture has its own harmoniously balanced color combination. By allowing deeper layers of color to remain visible at the edges of the canvas, an exciting interpretive field of positive and negative space emerges. This gives the drawings the appearance of engravings that have been etched onto the canvas. Oliver Aubry's works create dialogues between linear forms. Because of the ephemerality and complexity of our globalized society, he wants to create a counterbalance and something that lasts. His goal is to crystallize an essence. In order to achieve this, he utilizes a universally comprehensible, almost childlike, anti-perfectionist visual language.


Born in France

lives and works in Lille, France


„Vivarium. Olivier Aubry“, Hrsg. Galerie Pome Turbil, Lyon, Frankreich

Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Stockholm, Schweden
Stadt Lille, Frankreich
Conseil Géneral du Nord, Frankreich

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