Casagrande & Recalcati

Capriccio IX

Öl auf Leinwand

100 x 100 cm


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The viewer can immerse himself in this hyper-realistic image. This is a dense, jungle-like vegetation on a body of water, on the surface of which the sunlight is reflected. Birds and a snake are visible between the branches and the flowers.

Casagrande & Recalcati

The artist duo CASAGRANDE & RECALCATI, who live and work in Milan, feel a connection to the tradition of still life. The flower paintings, titled Hypervanitas, take up the idea of baroque vanitas images, and their close connection with the ephemeral. The flower paintings, titled Hypervanitas, refer to the idea of baroque vanitas paintings, and their close connection with the ephemeral. The paintings are reflections of the inevitable passing of time and illustrate various stages of beauty in continuous metamorphosis. The artist duo, who has already worked for Dolce & Gabbana, skillfully celebrates beauty, materiality, and transience in their paintings. Their latest oil paintings on canvas depict lush, floral compositions that, on closer inspection, already seem to be slowly wilting. The paintings by the artist duo transport us to an imaginary Garden of Eden, which is subject to slow degradation. Here nature portrays itself as a morbid beauty. Everything is fleeting but preserved thanks to the meticulous art of painting.


Degree in Architecture, Tutela e recupero del patrimonio storico e

Architettonico (Preservation of historic and architectonic heritage),

Politecnico of Milan.

Thesis: Baudelaire: la metamorfosi della città e l’architettura barocca

come allegoria del tempo (Baudelaire: metamorphosis of the city and

Baroque architecture as allegory of time), with Professor Marco Dezzi Bardeschi.



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"In cammino con l'arte", Monastery delle Grazie di Monza; Monza, Italy

Ipervanitas, Spazio Big Emotion, Pallanza (VB)


Taking care: sordid details following, Leo Galleries, Monza


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„Ultrareale“ Galleria Punto Sull'Arte, Varese, Italy

„Decade“, Galerie Von&Von, Nuremberg


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Cracked Culture?/Eastern borders. The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art, 54° Biennale of Venice, Illuminazioni, collateral event curated by Wang Lin and Gloria Vallese.


Incontri con il colore – cromatismi d’autore, “Abitare il tempo”, Verona, curated by Vittorio Locatelli.

Resin New 01, Triennale of Milan, curated by Enzo Bua.

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