Paper Positions Berlin

26.Apr - 29.Apr 2018

After the great success of paper positions in May 2016 at Bikini Berlin, the curated exhibition was expanded into an independent and new fair format for Berlin in 2017.

During Gallery Weekend Berlin, paper positions berlin invites international galleries to present their currently most incisive positions from contemporary and modern art with a focus on drawings and the material paper. Drawings, collages, silhouettes, texts, photographs, artist books and objects will be shown in an open exhibition format, without demarcating booths.

GALERIE VON&VON is represented with impressive works on paper by Miriam Vlaming and Josef Hirthammer.

Deutsche Telekom Capital Representative Office
Jägerstraße 42 - 44 / corner Oberwallstraße
10117 Berlin

Josef Hirthammer

Josef Hirthammer has been working as a visual artist for over 40 years. His œuvre is extremely complex and defies categorization. The broad artistic range is reflected in the different design mediums, such as painting, drawing, photography, digital painting, sculpture, and installations. In terms of content, Josef Hirthammer focuses on portraits as well as ecological and philosophical themes, which he approaches through his work series. He is an outspoken nature enthusiast who transforms his encounters with nature into art objects. He is primarily interested in the producing, generating, creative, and active nature, which becomes effective from itself and which in the philosophical tradition has been equated with the source of all finite things. The artist, who lives and works in Fürth, views nature as a macro- and microcosm of its own with a unique aesthetic. This way of thinking provides him with inspiration for his works of art.

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Miriam Vlaming

In Miriam Vlaming's large-scale paintings in egg tempera, the painter breaks down the boundaries between man and nature as well as past and reality. She creates a harmonious symbiosis between these supposed opposites through hazy layers created by the application and removal of paint. In doing so, she allows the depicted figures to emerge from a natural, dreamlike environment. Through this aesthetic, Vlaming opens the viewer's eyes to the multifaceted aspects and philosophical questions of being human, which she addresses in her paintings. Miriam Vlaming always has the overall picture in mind in her mysterious pictorial worlds. She plays with ambiguous metaphors. “Disruptions and contradictions interest me ... the moment after or before something has happened...not the history." Her egg tempera paintings satisfy a deep human need for knowledge. The important member of the New Leipzig School studied at times with Neo Rauch. She was a master’s student under the direction of Arno Rink and is represented in numerous public and private collections.

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