Laura Aberham

The paintings created by the artist Laura Aberham, who lives and works in Düsseldorf, are defined by their color intensity and incredible dynamic. Her use of color and form is confident and extremely powerful, and her mostly large-scale, abstract works appear gestural and at the same time precisely composed. Laura Aberham's paintings are a tribute to color. With gestural, voluminous brushstrokes, she skillfully brings unusual color constellations onto the canvas in many layers; here, color itself becomes the concept. The artist, who graduated from the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf as a master’s student under the direction of Ellen Gallagher, found her very own artistic style through her very physical approach to color. At the beginning of her studies, she attended sculpture classes, where she internalized her experiences with volume and dynamics. She continued to apply her experiences with structure, form, and space into her paintings. Due to their spatiality and physical dynamics, Laura Aberham's works appear to continue beyond the edge of the canvas into the space of the viewer.

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Born in Dusseldorf

2014 - 2019

Düsseldorf Art Academy

2015 - 2016

Class Professor Jürgen Drescher

2016 - 2018

Class Professor Katharina Grosse

2018 - 2019

Class Professor Ellen Gallagher

Juli 2019

Final presentation and academy letter

Master student of Professor Ellen Gallagher


"Happiness is a state of mind", Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf
"Internal clocks", Culterim Gallery, Berlin
"Color noise", Galerie Schierke Seinecke, Frankfurt am Main

June 6th – June 13th 2021

"Spot On", Galerie Conrads, Berlin
"Laura Aberham", Peter von Kant, London

April 10th – June 20th 2020

"Breaking Blue", Gallery Rundgänger, Frankfurt am Main

March 2st 2020 – May 2020

"Laura Aberham", Peter von Kant Gallery, London UK

November 16th 2019 – January 11th 2020

"Laura Aberham - Space", Gallery Rupert Pfab, Dusseldorf

May 15th – July 3rd 2021

 "Keine leeren Verpsrechen"
Laura Aberham and Sophie Heinrich 
Gallery Rupert Pfab, Dusseldorf 

February 7th 2020 – March 8th 2020

"In Order Of Appearance"
K21 Art Collection NRW, Dusseldorf

October 27th –November 27th 2019

"Farbe | Fläche | Form - Malerei und Skulptur"
Laura Aberham, Uta Päffgen, Paul Schwer
Gallery Heinz Holtmann, Cologne

March 10th 2019

Teehaus, Dusseldorf Racecourse

June 7th - 24th 2018

"Augenfällig/Fresh Positions"
BBK Art Forum Dusseldorf e.V.

November 5th – Dezember 10th 2017

Class Katharina Grosse exhibits - Painting
Gallery Eichenmüllerhaus, Lemgo 

July 1st – Sepember 10th 2017

Raum für Kunst – Alte  Fabrik, Möckmühl-Ruchsen