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Gunda Förster

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Gunda Förster, first prize winner of the H. W. & J. Hector Kunstpreis of the Kunsthalle Mannheim, works with pure light in her installations: with color and light in the form of video as well as with light and images in a form of painterly photography. In her installations, viewers enter spaces in which they are exposed to compositions of light and sound that are experienced as borderline experiences of the senses, almost as physical violence. Förster explores the limits of recognizability in her edited photographs, which are photographed from a running television image and are reminiscent of x-rays taken from inside the body. In her videos, she works with different areas of everyday perception; the most recent works deal with strange reanimations of images previously detached from their moving filmic context. The publication, which for the first time provides an overview of the artist's work of the last ten years, is accompanied by a DVD with video documentation of her works.

Gunda Förster

Based on an expanded concept of the image, the light-space-movement and time in the network of relationships between art and everyday life are the fundamental aspects of Gunda Förster's artistic work. Her space-related works can be understood as painting with contemporary methods or places of body and space perception that play with spatial reflection, but also social and perceptual-psychological conditions from the most diverse creative means. An important element of her work is defining and breaking boundaries - the architecture of space, of the image, the boundary between art and everyday life, between art, architecture, design and advertising, practical and theoretical debate, product and process, private and public, and reality and appearance. The formal reduction of her works determines their symbolic quality. The significance is only revealed by linking the most diverse aspects and their meanings. Essentially, Gunda Förster’s works focus on the correspondence between light, space, movement, and time as aspects that are constantly present in everyday life as well as in art.


Born in Berlin

1991 - 1997

Studies of Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts Berlin

2007 - 2009

Guest Professor at Leibniz University Hanover

since 2015

Lectureship for Art in Context of Architecture and Design, University Wismar

lives and works in Berlin & Wismar


„KONTUREN“Installation, Zeche Schlägel & Eisen, Herten


„Markierung“, permanent Installation, Zeche Schlägel & Eisen, Herten


„Skala“, Fire Station, Munich


„G212“, Atrium, Greifswalder Straße 212, Berlin


„Tunnel“, German Bundestag, Berlin


„Ice Light“, City Hall, Vancouver, Kanada


„Blue“, Nice Art Project: The SNCF bridges, Communauté d‘Agglomération Nice, Nizza, Frankreich
„Schweigen“, Hellweg ein Lichtweg, Lippstadt


Invitation for Competition of foyer of Hall 8, Fairground Frankfurt/Main


European Patent Office, Berlin
University Leipzig, Faculty Education
Light Installation for Zeche Schlägel & Eisen, Herten


Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB), Berlin
German State Opera, Berlin


JKI, Bundesforschungsinstitut Dossenheim
Federal Environment Department, Annex Building, Dessau

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