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"The works of the German-Afghan artist Aatifi on the modern interpretation of 'Islamic' calligraphy show in an impressive way how elements of a long cultural and art-historical tradition are brought to new life in his paintings and graphics through spectacular new interpretations. Persian or Arabic calligraphy - the most important art form in the classical Islamic world - is thus transformed from a 'writing code' that is only culturally comprehensible into part of a modern international art language - and in Aatifi's case, on a high qualitative scale." - Professor Dr. Stefan Weber, Director, Museum of Islamic Art at the Pergamonmuseum Berlin


The Kandahar-born artist Aatifi, who trained as a calligrapher as a child and later received a degree in painting from Kabul University, combines in his "scriptural art" the traditional, oriental art of writing with elements of modern, European art in an innovative and masterly way. At the core of his paintings lies the light-hearted dance of the letters, which takes the viewer on a journey into previously unknown realms of art. Even without deciphering distinct letters, the observer is welcomed to experience the beauty of the colors, which model the tension of the forms and their spatial effect, as well as their intense, aesthetic radiance. The characters, consisting of broad brushstrokes, form voluminous figures on the light background, individual splashes of paint expose traces of the painting process and offer a certain spontaneity to the works created under the highest concentration.


Born in Kandahar, Afghanistan


Training as a Calligrapher

1989 – 1992

Studies of Painting at University Kabul, Member of the Afghan Artist Federation

since 1995

Exile in Germany

1997 – 1998

Guest Studies of Painting at the University of Arts Dresden with Prof. Siegfried Klotz


Co-founder of the Atelier Oberlicht in Radebeul
Becomes member of the Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler, BBK OWL, Germany

lives and works in Bielefeld and Kabul as freelance painter and graphic artist

Gallery of Prints / State Art Collection Dresden

State Art Collection Radebeul

Schleswig-holsteinisches National Culture Center Salzau

Collection Art Society Zwickau e. V.

State Art Collection Zwickau

Private Collections in Afghanistan (Kabul), Australia (Melbourne), Germany (Berlin, Bielefeld, Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Radebeul, Dresden, Moritzburg, Munich, Kiel), Switzerland (Bern), USA (Boise/Idaho, Virginia)


Künstlerstipendium Land NRW 


5. Leipziger Lichtdruck-Symposium 2012, Leipzig
International Graphic-Symposium „Zebra5“, Art Society Zwickau


Scholarship Cultural Center Salzau


Scholarship 18. Sächsisches Druckgrafik-Symposium, Leipzig


Scholarship at the Künstlerhaus, Schwarzenberg


Scholarship in the studio of Moritzburg castle, Moritzburg


First prize winner of the Afghan Artist Association Hakim Naser Khesraw Balkhi


First prize winner of the Afghan department of cultural affairs


First prize winner of the Afghan department of cultural affairs

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