Unreal reality

02.Feb - 21.Mar 2020

We are pleased to present current works by three Städel graduates in our STUDIO VISIT exhibition series: Valentina Knežević, Ivan Murzin and Sabine Rak show their very own artistic positions, the idea, the concept, is the first priority in their works.

The exhibition Unreal Reality (February 2 - March 21) takes us into an unreal reality. The exhibits combine the ambivalence of light and shadow, of the known and the unknown and open up possibilities to approach this unreal reality.

Valentina Knežević, born in Split, first earned her master's degree in theater, film and media studies at Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2013 and became a master student of Douglas Gordon at the Städel. In her video work Voiceover, she shows a dancer who impressively translates traumatic war experiences as a professional soldier into the language of dance.

Ivan Murzin, born in Irkutsk, Russia, studied first at the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia in Moscow, then at the Städel and became a master student of Judith Hopf. In the exhibition he shows landscape photographs. At second glance, a world without latitude and longitude and silence belongs to islands are borderline experiences in remote, isolated places to which he exposes himself. 

Sabine Rak, born in Ruda Slaska, Poland, master student of Christa Näher, shows architectural interiors, alienated spaces from her own environment. In her paintings, she poses the question of one's place in life and subjects it to unsparing reflection, even when titles, such as Schöner Wohnen (Beautiful Living), do not immediately reveal the artist's intention. 

There are 28 art schools in Germany, each with its own unique orientation. The Städelschule, founded in 1817, gives its students the greatest possible freedom to develop and consolidate independent artistic positions. Here, the focus is entirely on free art. 

- Dr. Christiane Wolf Di Cecca, art historian