08.Apr - 30.May 2020

Dear friends of the GALERIE VON&VON, art is not necessary for life, but it enriches our lives! It creates something new, brings variety, gives inspiration, fascinates and inspires, serves international understanding, stimulates exchange and reflection, gives us input and literally brings color into our lives.

That all this is missing, we notice now, when galleries and museums have closed, all exhibition openings and art fairs have been canceled. Galleries are the presentation platform for artists, they show over 4000 exhibitions a year and usually have a close personal relationship with their gallery artists. The artists, who are not all on the level of the blue chip artists, are now directly affected by the consequences of the Corona crisis. The situation is precarious for many, and it is completely unclear whether and when the situation before the crisis will return.

And this is exactly where we would like to stand by our artists in this exceptional situation with #SupportYourArtist and set an example right now with the implementation of our current project PLAYGROUND.

However, our efforts are only effective in cooperation with YOU! Our appeal to you as art lovers: Right now is the time to actively support your artist through purchases.