Ryo Kato

18.Feb - 18.Apr 2015

The general theme of my art is the relationship between man and nature. That this presents itself today as primarily one-sided utilitarian and exploitative behavior of the first against the latter, is always an inspiring moment for my painting.

Oil tanker accidents, air pollution, animal husbandry or the destruction of the rainforest are just some of the themes that appear in my works within this framework and as consequences of the relationship described above. Through my paintings, I want to make society aware of its misconduct in this regard and articulate my protest against the ruthless and often purely profit-driven destruction and exploitation of nature.

Art, especially that of the countercultures, has always played an important role in the formulation of socially relevant questions and problems. Going beyond its mere function as a mirror of society, it must therefore also repeatedly admonish, drill, shake up, instigate. It is part of the artist's responsibility towards this society to point out grievances and to stand up for the demand for their elimination. In my opinion, the environmental problem is one of the most pressing issues facing the world and its people today. Also wars, often in connection with religious or economic backgrounds, have a devastating impact on the global environmental and living conditions and can be found accordingly processed in my paintings.

With my art I want to address people specifically and sensitize them to the connections between people, nature, economy, consumption, war and religion, touch them, make them think and move them to some reaction, if not action, that recurs to more consideration with all our resources. I hope that my art can contribute something to this.

Ryo Kato