Playground III 2018 – Space generator

14.Jul - 14.Jul 2018

Artists: Ulrich Kaineder, Eyrich von Motz, Diego Sindbert, Marco Stanke, Jens-Ole Remmers

After the first two successful editions of the exhibition series PLAYGROUND, launched in 2016 as a platform to promote young talent, GALERIE VON & VON is pleased to present the exhibition SPACE GENERATOR from 10/07 - 27/07/2018.

Since its first edition, the conceptual framework of the format has focused on the goal of providing students and graduates of academies across Germany with an entry into the art market through professional guidance. By juxtaposing individual positions from different master classes, current trends in art creation become visible.

This year, Marco Stanke, Diego Sindbert, Jens-Ole Remmers, Eyrich von Motz and Ulrich Kaineder represent positions that pursue a strongly conceptual approach. The works differ in their artistic strategies and at the same time all works are characterized by a strong auratic sense of space.

Thus, the abstract works of Ulrich Kaineder invite us to locate ourselves in the picture and to penetrate the mysterious levels. The energetic spatial and wall sculptures by the artist duo Eyrich von Motz fascinate through the interplay of materials and their inherent playfulness, which have a very powerful and dynamic effect in the space. Marco Stanke's "parts" combine collectively to create cross-room painting installations that use this strategy to question the traditional medium and thus also the traditional hanging. Diego Sindbert creates three-dimensional structures reminiscent of lunar craters with his changeable sandbox, which he then brings onto the two-dimensional surface via black-and-white photography. Jens-Ole Remmers collages colorful dynamic wall works that radiate beyond themselves, taking in far more than the one-dimensional surface. We look forward to this journey through space.

Curation & Text: Lisa Stopper (art historian) & Patricia Leon-Torres
Design: Lorenzo Zimmermann