Playground 2.0

01.Feb - 01.Apr 2017

How do young artists get the chance to exhibit in a gallery? 

Helping and promoting young, up-and-coming artists is something we hold dear. With this in mind, we are offering students of the Academy the opportunity to exhibit their art, for the first time, in a gallery, giving them, so to speak, their first entry into the world of art. 

Social trends change with the spirit of the time – this is the idea behind the name PLAYGROUND, the highly charged ambivalence between academic goals developed from art history and the omnipresent insistence on individual experiences, without any specific prior knowledge.

The leitmotif for this unique series of projects is the many-faceted phenomenon called KIDULT (a neologism combining “Adult” & “Kid”), which offers the viewer first and foremost a range of possibilities in which carefree experimentation and playful curiosity become tangible. The viewer is handed the responsibility of following in his own footsteps of discovery and, as he heads off, many questions will arise: What is the current definition of being a child? What room for maneuver do I allow myself in my everyday life? What social significance has the current procrastination of duties which is justified by the insistence on having one’s own freedom? 

We have no ready-made answers to these questions, but rather call upon people to constructively illuminate the concept of KIDULTs. The open dialogue with the exhibiting artists and visitors is intentional.

— Eva Karl, Creative Director & Kunstjournalistin