Oskar Rink

30.Sep - 13.Nov 2021

Oskar Rink - Loch im Kopf

Exhibition from 30. September - 13. November 2021

In her work she deals with the representation of thought processes, their confusion and clarity, their logical incoherence of meaning and sensuality.

From a vague vision, each artwork steadily evolves on multiple levels in response to existing situations. Driven by the context of the impulses, inclinations, and undertakings of the ever-striving, never-resting human spirit, her arrangements have a dreamlike, surreal quality, inviting the viewer to enter the gentle, fragile spheres of an inner vision of an outer reality.

Vernissage on September 30, beginning at 7 p.m. The opening speech will be held by Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald, PH Weingarten.

Oskar Rink

The work by the master's graduate, who studied at Sotheby's Institute of Art / Contemporary Art Department, includes paintings as well as objects and installations. The dynamic works embody a geometric diligence, and the artist, who lives and works in Leipzig, values precision. Her works exist in a realm of confusion and structure, developing a subtle life of their own. Rink's theme embraces fragility and destruction, sense and sensuality, and an internal vision of an external reality. She is evidently inspired by the Russian Constructivists, but also by contemporary architecture. Her visual language alternates between a two- and three-dimensionality. She works in a polychrome and thoroughly painterly manner, making use of perspective through overlaps and superimpositions of geometric, cubic, and fragile forms, which are juxtaposed with elements that break out of their forms. By overcoming proportions, yet consistently maintaining them, the paintings appear to be fragments of dreams. Oskar Rink's works are concerned with clarity, order, and organization, which are repeatedly broken and reflected in her painterly process. 

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