Oskar Rink

30.Sep - 13.Nov 2021

Oskar Rink - Loch im Kopf

Exhibition from 30. September - 13. November 2021

In her work she deals with the representation of thought processes, their confusion and clarity, their logical incoherence of meaning and sensuality.

From a vague vision, each artwork steadily evolves on multiple levels in response to existing situations. Driven by the context of the impulses, inclinations, and undertakings of the ever-striving, never-resting human spirit, her arrangements have a dreamlike, surreal quality, inviting the viewer to enter the gentle, fragile spheres of an inner vision of an outer reality.

Vernissage on September 30, beginning at 7 p.m. The opening speech will be held by Prof. Dr. Martin Oswald, PH Weingarten.