Die Anderzeit

14.Sep - 10.Nov 2018

GALERIE VON&VON is pleased to present "DIE ANDERZEIT", the first solo show by Miriam Vlaming in Nuremberg. The studio-fresh works of the important representative of the New Leipzig School will be shown for the first time in the gallery's premises from 14.09. to 10.11.2018.

Miriam Vlaming can be understood as a visual anthropologist. Like no other, she deals with the big questions of life and being human in her works in a unique way. Vlaming first studied pedagogy, sociology and psychology in Düsseldorf before taking up painting at the HGB Leipzig in 1991, where she was taught for a time by Neo Rauch and eventually became a master student of Prof. Arno Rink.

The exhibition "DIE ANDERZEIT" presents the visitor with Miriam Vlaming's profound pictorial worlds, which are not bound to place and time. They are multifaceted memory images, magnificent snapshots or mystical visions that capture the spirit of different times through their openness and deliberate non-fixation, thus opening the view to new perspectives.

In the exhibition, the visitor gets to know the versatile oeuvre of the Berlin painter, which centrally deals with the question of the relationship between man and nature from different perspectives. Vlaming adopts the figurative style of her teachers only in part. Rather, she has developed her own figurative-abstract language of form and color over the past 20 years through the repeated process of building up and removing, overlaying and concealing. The formal complexity thus created finds its analogy in the multiplicity of allusions and references that the artist negotiates in her works.

In the solo show, the visitor is greeted in the main room by the impressive, large-format work with the eponymous title "DIE ANDERZEIT" ("THE OTHER TIME"), which shows four children bathing on a relaxed summer's day and, in muted color, brings to light a light-hearted dialogue with the viewer: Schemenhaftigkeit and flowing into each other of colors and shapes evoke very personal associations when viewed.

Miriam Vlaming


Egg tempera on canvas

160 x 120 cm

€ 16.800,00

Miriam Vlaming


Egg tempera on canvas

128 x 98 cm

€ 13.600,00

An extravagant colorfulness characterizes the new series Vlamings. Through the visualization of exotic cultures & rituals, the artist approaches questions about the way different socializations live together. She shows primitive peoples dancing around a fire at night or hunting.
Vlaming depicts faces that are only partially recognizable and masked or altered, alluding to our own masks and roles in society.

"THE OTHER TIME" opens up worlds of the viewer's own subconscious. The artist works without moral judgment, but with sincere fascination for the moment. Thus, in this unique solo show, depth comes into contact with ease and openness to interpretation with the individual interpretations of the viewer - personal sensations, retrieved from one's own memory.

- Lisa Stopper, art historian

Miriam Vlaming

In Miriam Vlaming's large-scale paintings in egg tempera, the painter breaks down the boundaries between man and nature as well as past and reality. She creates a harmonious symbiosis between these supposed opposites through hazy layers created by the application and removal of paint. In doing so, she allows the depicted figures to emerge from a natural, dreamlike environment. Through this aesthetic, Vlaming opens the viewer's eyes to the multifaceted aspects and philosophical questions of being human, which she addresses in her paintings. Miriam Vlaming always has the overall picture in mind in her mysterious pictorial worlds. She plays with ambiguous metaphors. “Disruptions and contradictions interest me ... the moment after or before something has happened...not the history." Her egg tempera paintings satisfy a deep human need for knowledge. The important member of the New Leipzig School studied at times with Neo Rauch. She was a master’s student under the direction of Arno Rink and is represented in numerous public and private collections.

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