Camera Obscura II

27.Mar - 21.Apr 2020

! Due to the new measures of the Free State to contain the coronavirus, the exhibition is postponed indefinitely !

We are pleased to present this year the second edition of the newspaper project "The camera obscura in the studio".

For this purpose, photographer Günter Derleth again visited the studios of 46 visual artists from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region to hang pinhole cameras equipped with analog black-and-white photographic paper, which were exposed for about one year. The extremely long exposure time "burns" the motif in color into the photographic layer. The image no longer needs to be developed. Light through a hole and nothing else: pure magic!

The Fürth photographer Peter Kunz portrayed the artists using the historic wet collodion technique. The photos taken during the visits and portrait sessions are supplemented in the publication in daily newspaper format (64 pages, circulation 5000) with personal text contributions by the artists.

In the exhibition, works by the respective participating artists are also presented for each studio shot and the portraits.