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20.Jun - 12.Aug 2013

Julia Fullerton-Batten is an internationally recognized photographer who makes a great contribution to contemporary photography with her very original style, impressive achievements and ubiquity in the world of art. She has already received numerous awards. She lives and works in London. We will show works from her series "PERSONAL" and "TEENAGE STORIES".

Peter Schlör's recent works reveal a pictorial approach. The artist uses natural phenomena such as the sea, clouds, mountains or forests to achieve a painterly surface in his paintings. The various structures and textures come together to form almost abstract-looking pictorial worlds. In these works, Schlör detaches himself from the documentary element of photography and devotes himself to questions of content and aesthetics. We show works from his series "BLACK & WIDE" (Canary Islands) and "DEEP BLACK" (Namibia).

In this exhibition Manuel Schäfer's photographic works are presented to the public for the first time.In his view as a photographer, he is less concerned with the mere representation of reality, but rather with the visualization of an idea or a feeling. Manuel Schäfer lives and works as an independent designer near Nuremberg. We show works from his series "Keine Zeit" and "Lichter in Aufruhr".