2. Art Weekend 2017

06.Oct - 08.Oct 2017

2. ART WEEKEND 2017 

... with NEXUS artist couple Mirko Schallenberg & Kathrin Rank from Berlin

Mirko Schallenberg


Oil on canvas

180 x 180 cm

€ 14.500,00

Mirko Schallenberg

Mirko Schallenberg's paintings are modern still lifes. At first glance, the artist's keen sense for textures and well-balanced compositions, as well as materiality and spatiality, is apparent. He paints objects from his own extensive collection of materials and composes them in a new context. The beginning of his process includes the creation of sketches and a three-dimensional model. The purpose of the model is only to be used as an inspiration for the final pictorial vision and is not intended to be painted as a realistic interpretation. The painting style is however realistic, and Mirko Schallenberg places his objects as protagonists in a deliberate interaction with meticulous, impressive care. The very aesthetically and skillfully arranged everyday objects are executed in powerful and textural haptics and interact with each other. It is a constructive, metaphysical style of painting that deals with the mysteries of our reality.

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