03.Sep - 06.Sep 2022

We are happy to be in Seoul for the first time this year!

We present the Polish artist Leszek Skursi, in a multi-layered and impressive solo show at KiafSEOUL 2022. 

Leszek Skurski was born in Gdansk and has lived and worked in Fulda for many years. His pictures tell of an infinite expanse without horizon and boundaries, mostly kept only in white. But this white is laid out in many sensitive layers, have the finest nuances and challenge the eye to explore the sensitive brushstrokes, strong putty surfaces and finest traces of work. In this multi-layered white, Skurski sketches his people with a few striking brushstrokes, seemingly helplessly exposed to emptiness, but also acting with confidence. These skillfully abstracted individuals assert themselves confidently in their boundlessly vast surroundings. And it is precisely this powerful contrast of infinite surface and small human figures that creates this strong dramaturgy of his paintings.

Leszek Skurski

A vast, seemingly infinite plain forms the foundation for the scene: As if from nowhere, people appear on the surface of the image. They emerge from layers rich in nuances of light white or hazy gray, leaving plenty of room for interpretation. The artist Leszek Skurski, who is a native of Poland, repeatedly devotes his paintings to figurative storytelling. In his works, he depicts many stories, that remain open-ended and allow the most diverse interpretations. They are paintings depicting narratives that seem to have paused or stopped in action, and Skurski captures these forms with a narrative density. Many evanescent moments of our existence and interactions are captured on the canvas like excerpts or snapshots between their occurrence and disappearance. Hence, the images of the artist, who lives and works in Fulda, are reminiscent of film stills or still images that outline a content, character, or mood. 

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