Oskar Rink

The work by the master's graduate, who studied at Sotheby's Institute of Art / Contemporary Art Department, includes paintings as well as objects and installations. The dynamic works embody a geometric diligence, and the artist, who lives and works in Leipzig, values precision. Her works exist in a realm of confusion and structure, developing a subtle life of their own. Rink's theme embraces fragility and destruction, sense and sensuality, and an internal vision of an external reality. She is evidently inspired by the Russian Constructivists, but also by contemporary architecture. Her visual language alternates between a two- and three-dimensionality. She works in a polychrome and thoroughly painterly manner, making use of perspective through overlaps and superimpositions of geometric, cubic, and fragile forms, which are juxtaposed with elements that break out of their forms. By overcoming proportions, yet consistently maintaining them, the paintings appear to be fragments of dreams. Oskar Rink's works are concerned with clarity, order, and organization, which are repeatedly broken and reflected in her painterly process. 

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Born in Leipzig

Diploma in pattern making and illustration at the l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et techniques de la Mode, Munich/Germany

Master Degree at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art / Contemporary Art Department, London/UK

Postgraduate studies of painting under Prof. Tilo Baumgärtel at Burg Giebichenstein, University of Art and Design, Halle/Germany

lives and works in Leipzig

„GruppenSitzung“ (Solo), SHEbam, Leipzig
„The Jury“ (Solo), CirleCultureGallery, Hamburg
„A5“ (curated Erik Swars), AS/EM, Leipzig
„LODA“ (curated Katharina Arndt), OOW Berlin
„MashUp“, Galerie Gosh, Leipzig
„Art KARLSRUHE“, Gallery Schimming, Karlsruhe
„LeiseLachen“ (Solo), Gallery Schimming, Sylt
„Project: Present Collective“ (VNG art), Werkschauhalle Leipzig


„Women For Women“ Charity-Auktion
„Mixed Pickles 9“, Ruttkowski;68, Munich
„GrauZone (Solo)“, GALERIE VON&VON, Nuremberg
„Solo“, Cisterna Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
„Nothing's gonna change my world?“ Raumwww, Gr_und, Berlin
„Positions Art Fair“, Gallery Von&Von, Berlin
„Loch im Kopf“ (Solo), Gallery Von&Von, Nuremberg
„Mixed Pickles 10“, Ruttkowski;68, Cologne
„Groupshow“, Gallery Schimming, Hamburg


„Untitled“, Spinnerei Archiv Massiv, Leipzig (Solo)
Tilo Baumgärtel, Oskar Rink, Simon Adam Peter, Museum Bensheim
Positions Art Fair, Gallery Kleindienst, Berlin
Artist in Residence, Havana, Cuba


„Bauhaus Sachsen“, Grassi Museum für angewandte Kunst, Leipzig
„Transition Edition Auction“, Solar Panel Art Series, Paddle8, Berlin
„Nur auf Rezept“, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin (Solo)


„Meta“, Till Richter Museum, Buggenhagen (Solo)
„Den Ganzen Tag Am Strand“, G2 Kunsthalle, Leipzig


„Formation 7 – 1 Akt, Hatz“, Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig
„Martine Poppe & Oskar Rink“, Venet-Haus Gallery, Neu-Ulm
„Mashup IV“, Barlach Halle K, Hamburg
„Unbekannte Größe“, Circle Culture Gallery, Hamburg (Solo)
„Nordseewellen“, Circle Culture Gallery, Sylt


„Dokodemodoor“, Spinnerei Werkschau, Leipzig
„La Rosa Social Club“, The Conversation Project, Berlin
„Oskar Rink & Marie Carolin Knoth“, Gallery Noah, Augsburg
„Deine Blauen Augen Sind Mir Scheißegal“, Villa Bühlers, Fürth
„Skateboarts“, Forum Kunst, Rottweil


Salondergegenwart, Hamburg
„Radiate 2.0“, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin
„Klasse Klein“, Gallery WE, Berlin
Christie‘s First Open Auction, London
Christie‘s & ArtStack „Rising Star“-Gewinnerin, London
„Schichten“, Circle Culture Gallery, Hamburg (Solo)
„Radiate“, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin


„Saxonia Paper II“, Art Gallery of the Sparkasse, Leipzig


„Potse 68“, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin
„Abstrakt, Konkret, Konstruktiv“, Art Gallery of the Sparkasse, Leipzig
„Summer“, Circle Culture Gallery, Hamburg


„The Museum of Curiosity“, Black Rat Projects, London
„Arno Rink & Oskar Rink“, Circle Culture Gallery, Berlin

Chaos and structure